Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Constructionism Theory

One of the greatest obstacles in education today is teaching children new content without the proper foundation of knowledge present. As Dr. Orey discusses, we must allow students to construct new knowledge based upon external artifacts. This proves to be quite a challenge when students have limited real world knowledge. Many students today do not have a robust vocabulary or a wealth of real world knowledge.

Several different learning experiences will help students construct this new knowledge. To begin with, students can use a problem based model that allows them to create their own knowledge while working through a problem. Another model that students can work with is inquiry based learning. Students are given the opportunity to explore new content. Technology can be incorporated with these instructional techniques in a variety of ways. Web-based programs, data processing programs and programs such as word, excel, powerpoint and keynotes can be used to facilitate learning.


KJ said...


Using technology can allow students to take multiple paths to reach the same goal. When students are given a problem to solve, they must first form hypotheses to help determine a course of action. Then it is up to them to follow their chosen path to hopefully solve the problem. When they are able to utilize technology in this process, they can be creative and reach the desired goal in their own way. It allows them to play to their strengths which is important because everyone has varying needs and abilities.


Hayley D said...


I absolutely agree that everyone varying needs and abilities. One of the greatest aspects of using problem based learning is that children can teach each other.


Beau Garrett said...


Incorporating technology with constructionism theory is very effective. Students love to create things but they really love it when they can use technology. It seems to make them feel smart because even if they are not very familiar with the material they are familiar with the technology. They put more effort into the work to impress everyone and usually end up learning more about the material than they realize.

Jonathan Garrett

KJ said...


My students work well together with these types of assignments and I have noticed that my students do teach each other. The students have different strengths and using numerous technology resources allows each student to play to their strengths.


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