Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bridging Learning Theory, Instruction and Technology

Throughout this course, I have found the course text, student discussion and video learning to be extremely enlightening. To begin with, I am a member of my school districts leadership team. We have spent numerous hours looking into Marzano's Nine strategies for an effective classroom. This course bridged his theories with technology, which have empowered me even more as an educator to 21st Century children. I especially found the online advanced organizers very helpful. In addition, the discussions that were held in our discussion forum were thought provoking and made me think about many aspects of being an educator in today's society. Although we span across the nation and different grade levels, the mutual respect between us is imperative. Moving further, the video resources about brain research were extremely beneficial as well. Dr Orey discussed many factors about learning and the brain that I can directly see taking place in my classroom. Overall this course provided me with immense knowledge that I can use to become a more effective educator.

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