Saturday, September 18, 2010

GAME plan

Creating a GAME plan involves Setting Goals, Taking Action, Monitoring Learning, and Evaluating and Extending Knowledge. There are two specific areas that I would like to become better in as an educator of 21st Century students.

The first is to Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity.

I plan to develop this standard by:
G: My goal is to use collaborative, technology enriched open-ended projects for at least 80% of my instructional time.
A: I have researched various projects and experiments for the 1st quarter and incorporated them into my lesson plans for the 9 weeks.
M: I plan to monitor these various projects and how often I use them in my classroom using my online lesson plans.
E: As these lessons take place, I will be evaluating and extending using SMART goals that track the progress of the students and mastery level of concepts.

The second is to Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership.

I plan to develop this standard by:
G: Attending at least 2 weeks of online or in person classes per year
A: Seek out and sign up for training's throughout the year. In addition, complete the course work with Walden and maintain my technology blog.
M: I will keep track of my training's through Eduphoria's Workshop function.
E: I will evaluate each course on a 1-on-1 basis and discuss with my colleagues the information learned. I will incorporated the strategies into my classroom and determine the success of implementing them.


Nancy Groselle said...

Hi Hayley,

You say that you want to use collaborative, technology enriched opened ended lessons 80% of the time in your classroom. That is very energetic. I was wondering what recourses you found to be the most helpful? Were you able to find pre-existing plans or did you create most of them yourself. Also how much technology is availably to you and your students? In all of our videos from class the classrooms all have laptops and notebooks. I am not so fortunate at my school and having collaborative, technology enriched opened ended lessons 80% of the times not possible. I will be interested to see how your students like this.

Beau Garrett said...


Those sound like great goals. We should all use technology enriched open ended lesson the majority of the time in our classes. You sound like you know exactly what you want to do. Good luck in achieving your goals.

Hayley D said...


I know it sounds like a very enthusiastic goal. Our campus is a "no worksheet" campus, and our principal is very enthusiastic about that, so I have worked pretty hard at finding many creative lessons that are incorporated with technology. Basically, I find the ideas when planning with my team, attending leadership conferences, training's, through our classes at Walden, and online searching. We have to develop our own lesson plans, so pretty much everything is from scratch. I have a very collaborative team so that helps too. I find that it is a little easier to develop plans together in the elementary settings, but meetings, paperwork and deadlines are making this a more difficult task each day. In addition, my classroom has a Computers on Wheels cart in it, and this year I only have 16 students so each student is assigned one. I only received these this year, and it has absolutely revolutionized my instructional approach. With the COW cart and teaching in a new building equipped with a document camera and projection system, I am truly blessed. I would not be able to get anywhere close to this goal without teaching at a school with this technology readily available. I previously taught at a 30 year old campus that had only a computer lab, and it was very difficult to incorporate technology into instruction. It is extremely hard for educators who do not have the technology available. I wish we all had the kind of access that I have now.


Hayley D said...


Thanks. My campus is such an risk campus, that I feel driven to give these kids the most that I can.


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