Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Course Reflection

Educators of 21st Century learners face the great challenge of preparing students for a future that is uncertain. In addition to the demands of paperwork, parental involvement, lack of time and resources, we are continuously trying to create authentic and engaging lessons that incorporate every aspect of the curriculum and technology integration. This has become increasingly difficult, yet we manage to find a way. This course has provided me with even more tools for reaching the digital native learner. Students in today's classrooms are born with inherent skills when it comes to technology, and it is our job to embrace this and build upon it in the classroom.

Goal setting is imperative for 21st Century Educators. We must be continuously learning and finding new ways to reach our ever changing students. I plan to continue my current GAME plan until I have achieved my goals.

Current GAME plan:

G: My goal is to use collaborative, technology enriched open-ended projects for at least 80% of my instructional time.
A: I have researched various projects and experiments for the 1st quarter and incorporated them into my lesson plans for the 9 weeks.
M: I plan to monitor these various projects and how often I use them in my classroom using my online lesson plans.
E: As these lessons take place, I will be evaluating and extending using SMART goals that track the progress of the students and mastery level of concepts.

G: Attending at least 2 weeks of online or in person classes per year
A: Seek out and sign up for training's throughout the year. In addition, complete the course work with Walden and maintain my technology blog.
M: I will keep track of my training's through Eduphoria's Workshop function.
E: I will evaluate each course on a 1-on-1 basis and discuss with my colleagues the information learned. I will incorporated the strategies into my classroom and determine the success of implementing them.

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